• DC = Weight of the supported structure
  • DIFF = Differential load:
  • DW = Superimposed dead load
  • CLL = Distributed construction live load;
  • CE = Specialized construction equipment, load from launching gantry, formtraveller, beam and winch, etc.,
  • IE = Dynamic load from equipment
  • CLE = Longitudinal construction equipment loads
  • U = Segment unbalanced load,
  • WS = Horizontal wind load on structure
  • WE = Horizontal wind load on equipment
  • WUP = Wind uplift on cantilever
  • A = Static weight of precast segment being handled
  • AI = Dynamic response due to accidental release of precast segment
  • CR = Creep effects in accordance with Article or by field tests
  • SH = Shrinkage in accordance with Article
  • T = Thermal loads; the sum of the effects due to uniform temperature variation (TU) and temperature gradients (TG)
  • WA = Water load and stream pressure LRFD

Bridge Design Flowchart

Start Material Selection Design Basis Construction Stages Preliminary Girder Design Based on Span Length & Width Dead Load Live Load Service Limit Checks Preliminary Tendon Design Prestress Losses Concrete Stress Checks at Construction Concrete Stress Checks at Service Canber and Deflection Strength Flexure Strength Shear Interface Shear Design Deck Design Bridge Modeling