Concrete Girder Geometry

Concrete Girders Geometry Properties Calculator

Concrete girders geometry properties calculator enables both imperial and metric unit system. Calculator has two part. First part is calculating girder properties with a selected dimensions. Also, by clicking calculate girder properties button we can get; area of girder, girder moment of inertia, geometric center from bottom, and girder section modulus from top and bottom.

Moreover, second part is calculating composite section properties. That means, girder and slab create a composite seciton. To calculate composite seciton properties we have to know slab thickness, girder spacing, and modulus of elasticity of girder and slab. Also, by clicking  calculate composite section properties we can get; area of composite section, moment of inertia, geometric center from bottom and composite girder section modulus from top and bottom.

Please use “.” for decimal digits between numbers, for example girder depth is 1.5 meters.

Drawings are representative to show only girder geometry and what are the needed informations.