Sırat on Fırat

  • Location : Erzincan

  • Type : Suspension Cable Net Pedestrian Bridge

  • Client: Yapıfen Engineering

  • Service Provided: Design Support and Supervision (ongoing)

  • Summary of Project:

    Sırat on Fırat will be linking two high points of  Dark Canyon in Kemaliye, Erzincan which has a 690 m main span length. With its 450-meter drop to the ground, it is going to be one of the highest pedestrian bridge in the world. The items included in supervision scope are:

    • Helping the design firm by performing preliminary design engineering works for the 700-meter length and 550m height suspension pedestrian bridge with a cable net that will be the longest of the World of its type.
    • Calculation of anchorage blocks for the main cable and wind stability cables.  Design of tower saddles.

    • Calculations for the design of cable and deck connections.